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August 1 - Wrap-up

Terror_Nova posted Aug 1, 18

*** UPDATE *** CBA has also updated to 3.8.0

Exiles - Seems that I have blitzed everyone with posts. Here is a wrap-up:

1. Altis has been moved to our consolidated server. The IP is:; this IP is used for all Do or Die Gaming instances

2. Arma has been update to 1.84 ("Encore Update")

3. Instances:

  • Do or Die Exile Altis: 2302
  • Do or Die Exile Malden: 2502
  • Do or Die Epoch Altis: 2402

4. Lythium has been replaced with MALDEN. The database has been wiped so that everyone start off the same (you do get 50K pop tabs). The gameplay has changed; it is more basic, more PVP/PVE. Lythium is a great map with 40+ players but quite boring when the number of players  are very low.

-- Terror_Nova

Exiles - Bohemia has released the Arma 3 Encore Update (v. 1.84). You will need to update your clients. 

-- Terror_Nova

DoD 1 Altis Info:


Port: 2302

Exiles - We are shutting down DoD 2 Lythium. The player base does not justify us keeping the Lythium instance up. Over the last week there have been barely a single player on - less if we average it out:

DoD 2 Lythium Weekly Player Count

Not to worry - Vistor and I are working on a new server instance that will be a "little different". DoD 1 Altis and DoD Epoch will continue to run.

We are also in the process of moving DoD 1 Altis to the same server as DoD Epoch. The new server should have the horsepower to run three servers.

Stay tuned!

-- Terror_Nova and Vistor

Server Changes...

Terror_Nova posted Jul 16, 18

[Update July 17 - 12.45]

Folks - DoD 2 Lythium and DoD Epoch have been moved to their new server. Everything seems to be working including the database move.

Please update your Arma lanuchers! The new server information is:

Epoch by DoD:

DoD 2 Lythium:

-- Terror_Nova

Exiles - Vistor and myself are in the process of consolidating DoD1 Altis, DoD2 Lythium and DoD Epoch onto one server. The new server is a dedicated 7700K OC'ed to 4.7GHz with 5.0 GHz under turbo boost, 64 GB DDR4 2400 MHz RAM and software mirrored 450GB NVMe SSDs. 

There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. We have two servers partly because we "inherited" Lenny's old Chenarus server and Vistor also had a server. The layouts (where files are, how they are arranged, etc.) between the two servers would have made it difficult to merge the two servers. Over time, the layouts have merged.
  2. When both servers were maxing out at 60 players each there was the potential that with the orginal hardware there would be performance issues (lower level CPUs).
  3. The upgraded server for DoD2 Lythium / DoD Epoch did not provide us with the performance we were looking for when moving from i7 to Xeon.
  4. And, not to be understated, frankly it is expensive to run two dedicated servers and donations are way down.

We will be migrating the databases from the two original servers so there will be no loss of respect, pop tabs, vehicles, territories, etc. We've actually become quite good at this (for some good and some bad reasons). 

The second item is around DoD 2 Lythium. DoD 1 Altis has a good (not great, but good) "core" population of regular players. I do not see any reason to change Altis to another map. Lythium is another matter. There are a few, hard core Exiles on Lythium but not enough really to sustain a population. Personally, I really like Lythium when there is a 40+ player level on the server. Lythium is big so there is the opportunity to either engage in PvP, just do missions, scavenge, build, etc. but with only a couple of players on at one time the map is, for me at least, quite boring. Thre is a poll below to get player input into what the new map may be - Vistor and I also need to look into what missions are available, traders, etc. before committing to a new map. One thing that we will keep in mind is compensating the few long-term Lythium players if we move to a new map (e.g., pop tabs, respect migration, compensation for bases, vehicles, etc.).

Vistor and I will be monitoring server performance. Some Exiles may have concerns on server performance especially given the number of missions, roaming AI, etc. We have added the occupation missions and roaming AI to give some excitement with a low server population. These will be adjusted when player level increase. (Although, the parachuting AI onto bases seems like a great fix for players who simply stay in their bases and do missions next to them...)

Finally, we would like to let everyone know that we have a good backup system in place that ensures that the databases and server configurations are automatically backed up every 12 hours onto a seperate partition (also mirrored) and remotely far off-site (like over 2000 miles/3200 km). This means that recovery from a failure (as happened in February when both SSDs crapped out on us) will be both rapid and with a minimal amount of database loss.

I have left the comments open on this post for feedback. I will commit to reading the comments but we may not implement all suggestions. 

-- Terror_Nova

ramond01 can we put the rest of the base game vehicles back in the shop for the altis server and re enable their weapons, as this...
DoD Chat
Exiles Expressing Themselves [27]
Jul 31, 18
can we put the rest of the base game vehicles back in the shop for the altis server and re enable their weapons, as this server is labeled as "Full militarized" so i cant see the harm in it. plus my friends and iwould love to be able to buy blackfoots and such
Jul 31, 18
from thero
Jul 31, 18
it would help with the vehicle selection and give us a lot more options for practical weapons as alot of the armed vehicles cant be zero'd in making it impossible to engage from over 400 meters
Jul 31, 18
which some people can argue that you could just do it with a rifle, but for the current population of the server or at least the majority of us, would like to see the rest of the vehicles arma has to offer in game.
Aug 7, 18
whats up with the map change again?
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