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Official Propaganda

Exiles - Altis now has a bridge from Pygros to the Sagonisi peninsula.

Obviously - no building on it or blocking it. I will delete any base blocking the bridge without compensation! (And yes, the rules have been updated to reflect this...)

-- Terror_Nova

Exiles - You should be able to load crates on FFAA land vehicles and aircraft & tow FFAA land vehicles.

Let me know if there are any issues.

-- Terror_Nova

ion and that koemo otsutstviya transport functions and load boxes on the equipment, to be treated lightly, just open the tec...

Website Update

Terror_Nova posted May 13, 18

Hi Exiles - We have done some maitenance on the website. One of the big changes is that there is now a Chage Log on the top (main) menu. The goal is that any changes that we make to the map or mods are listed. There is also a Miscellaneous change log for stuff that doesn't fit map or mods.

-- Terror_Nova

New Admin

Vistor posted May 13, 18

Everyone welcome Leen to the Admin team, I gurantee he will not abuse his powers or play unfairly, I have known Leen for a long time and I personally vouch for him. 



The Accountant posted Apr 19, 18

I was clearing some disc space, and had alot of videoclips from when i was constantly playing on the DOD servers. The servers was stuffed with people and we really had a great time playing here. So i made a video with all these clips and thought it would be fun to share it with you- theres alot of recognizable names on it. 


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May 15, 18
on Lythium, neither on sale, nor in loot, nor in bots, there are no anti-aircraft portable complexes, and there are no anti-tank weapons other than rpg7, rpg42, rustlin and maavs, well, m136 occurs, only this is available: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/925931972097632459/5149A259798557790A294D9FA8E35515093B2791/ missiles in the same there are almost all sales, but there are no installations
May 15, 18
It is so wanted that the launcher action goes down a bit
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