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Folks - I just realized that the Support ticket system was not automatically sending out notifications (actually, it was but to a former admin). That is fixed now.

Sorry 'bout that.

-- Terror_Nova

To keep everyone in the loop - we are looking into the issue with the XM8. The recommended approach of dropping the Exile schema (i.e., deleting it), recreating the schema with the the Exile Mod install and patching it with the 64-bit patch, and then restoring the database did not work. This is based upon what other believe is corruption in the database.

I will be digging deeper into the issue (there is nothing evident in the server logs but Exile Mod isn't that great in error reporting).

Once I get home from work, I will restart the investigation.

I will keep you posted.

-- Terror_Nova

Folks - I greatly increased the price for the Vamtac Cardom from PT 16,000 to PT 850,000. The selling price is PT 10,000. The Cardom is the Hummer-like FFAA vehicle with the mortar in the back that can be used for indirect fire (as mortars are supposed to do).

The reasons for this are:

  1. I wanted to leave the Cardom in for players who really wanted to use it
  2. Because of the indirect fire makes it hard to attack, there has to be a cost for the benefit of being out of direct fire.

Lauchers with anti-tank rockets are available for purchase at the traders from the Spec Ops dude. They will take out the Cardom.

Remember: The servers are militarized - play accordingly!

-- Terror_Nova


Vistor posted Jun 8, 18

We have brought back our Epoch server for everyone. Epoch has made many positive changes since we last hosted the server. Please give it a try, you won't be disappointed. No mods are required (except for Epoch). It's a nice change from Exile.

Exiles - the rules have been updated to reflect that armed aircraft have been re-added to the server. Here is the update:

Armed Aircraft (including Helicopters) & Special Circumstance

Initiating PVP using an armed aircraft is against the rules, unless they shoot at you first. Attack choppers and jets are on the server to be used against AI unless you are first engaged by a player on the ground. Breaking this rule will result in temporary ban on first offense, then permant ban on second offense.

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCE: Initiating an air attack against anti-air tanks is allowed. If the aircraft destroys a non-anti air tank that player is subject to discipline.

If a player in a squad or a family member is attacked by a ground player, and one of the players in the group is in attack helicopter, they are still prohibited from using that armed aircraft to attack the group's enemy unless the armed aircraft is fired upon first. (If they want to help their squad member, land the attack chopper and attack the enemy on foot.)

If you are killed by an opponent, that doesn't mean you can grab your armed aircraft to re-engage the opponent. The opponent killed you before you were using your armed aircraft. You must be engaged by an opponent while using your armed aircraft first.

Note: If you decide that you will bait yourself while flying an armed aircraft - waiting to be engaged so you can attack - you run the risk of an admin using their discretion on how to deal with the situation. Rule #1: Don't be a Dick!

-- Vistor and Terror_Nova

DoD Chat
Exiles Expressing Themselves [24]
May 25, 18
hey what happened to lythium server? It says is epoch now and in tano..? is my base gone now?
May 25, 18
the server is called Lythium Server but the map is Altis?? that makes no sence
May 25, 18
there is a banner on this website saying DoD2 server is now LYTHIUM Map, but its altis.. Idk maybe its under maintenance but i cant tell thats the case from what ive seen so far
May 25, 18
its Tanoa* not altis
Terror_Nova has left the channel [May 28, 18]
Terror_Nova has joined the channel. [May 28, 18]
May 28, 18
Chris - check the forum response. It was a test. It was only a test. (Since no one was on at the time :-( )
May 31, 18
Hi, i'm new on Lythium server, as far as i can't make a post on your forum, i'll ask here...there are no "buildind material" drops on the server? that's really a pity :/ "
RocknRolla has left the channel [Jun 1, 18]
Jun 11, 18
Jun 11, 18
is there a admin on right now ?
David has left the channel [Jun 12, 18]
David has joined the channel. [Jun 12, 18]
Jun 13, 18
admin here ?
Terror_Nova has left the channel [Thu at 21:58]
Fri at 13:07
anyone here ?
Fri at 13:08
i opened a support ticket but i dont get any answer since days and i camp in your guys teamspeak :/ would love to be ablte to play again
Fri at 21:45
thank you terror_nova :d it works :d !!
Fri at 21:47
is there a way to get my 400k and 80k respect back ?
Sat at 7:11
server seems not working, my brother and i tried logging back in after server reset @ 3:10 am EST; i couldnt find the server, by bro did, but couldnt get in and got stuck on loading screen, this was done after fresh timer on dod site
Tue at 19:31
I cant believe the server got wiped. How do we not get a goddamn notification or post before this happens?
Tue at 19:33
that would totally change how I play the game before it gets wiped, id stop stashing cash and go buy some cool stuff. Also, the fact the base is gone too is a killer. THey take so long to constuct and so much cash, I dont see why we cant just wipe the player bases who havent played in 2+months, but the rest of us, idk. It makes me want to stop playing. Whats the point if i know one day ill wake up to everything being gone with no prior notice?
Tue at 21:43
I've heard through the grapevine there was a post on the server about compensation after the server wipe? I dont get why theres no mention of this on the "official propaganda" news on this site
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