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Vistor posted Sep 7, 18

We have decided to host a scum server to see what the hype is about!

Here are the details: 


Name: SCUM Server Hosted by Do Or Die Gaming x100 loot - Less zombies

August 1 - Wrap-up

Terror_Nova posted Aug 1, 18

*** UPDATE *** CBA has also updated to 3.8.0

Exiles - Seems that I have blitzed everyone with posts. Here is a wrap-up:

1. Altis has been moved to our consolidated server. The IP is:; this IP is used for all Do or Die Gaming instances

2. Arma has been update to 1.84 ("Encore Update")

3. Instances:

  • Do or Die Exile Altis: 2302
  • Do or Die Exile Malden: 2502
  • Do or Die Epoch Altis: 2402

4. Lythium has been replaced with MALDEN. The database has been wiped so that everyone start off the same (you do get 50K pop tabs). The gameplay has changed; it is more basic, more PVP/PVE. Lythium is a great map with 40+ players but quite boring when the number of players  are very low.

-- Terror_Nova

Exiles - Bohemia has released the Arma 3 Encore Update (v. 1.84). You will need to update your clients. 

-- Terror_Nova

DoD 1 Altis Info:


Port: 2302

Exiles - We are shutting down DoD 2 Lythium. The player base does not justify us keeping the Lythium instance up. Over the last week there have been barely a single player on - less if we average it out:

DoD 2 Lythium Weekly Player Count

Not to worry - Vistor and I are working on a new server instance that will be a "little different". DoD 1 Altis and DoD Epoch will continue to run.

We are also in the process of moving DoD 1 Altis to the same server as DoD Epoch. The new server should have the horsepower to run three servers.

Stay tuned!

-- Terror_Nova and Vistor

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