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Exiles - the rules have been updated to reflect that armed aircraft have been re-added to the server. Here is the update:

Armed Aircraft (including Helicopters) & Special Circumstance

Initiating PVP using an armed aircraft is against the rules, unless they shoot at you first. Attack choppers and jets are on the server to be used against AI unless you are first engaged by a player on the ground. Breaking this rule will result in temporary ban on first offense, then permant ban on second offense.

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCE: Initiating an air attack against anti-air tanks is allowed. If the aircraft destroys a non-anti air tank that player is subject to discipline.

If a player in a squad or a family member is attacked by a ground player, and one of the players in the group is in attack helicopter, they are still prohibited from using that armed aircraft to attack the group's enemy unless the armed aircraft is fired upon first. (If they want to help their squad member, land the attack chopper and attack the enemy on foot.)

If you are killed by an opponent, that doesn't mean you can grab your armed aircraft to re-engage the opponent. The opponent killed you before you were using your armed aircraft. You must be engaged by an opponent while using your armed aircraft first.

Note: If you decide that you will bait yourself while flying an armed aircraft - waiting to be engaged so you can attack - you run the risk of an admin using their discretion on how to deal with the situation. Rule #1: Don't be a Dick!

-- Vistor and Terror_Nova


Vistor posted Sun at 1:48

Altis is now full militarized again.

Altis Quads

Vistor posted Fri at 2:31

Altis Quads are now fixed, thanks to MGT Dave!

Exiles - Altis now has a bridge from Pygros to the Sagonisi peninsula.

Obviously - no building on it or blocking it. I will delete any base blocking the bridge without compensation! (And yes, the rules have been updated to reflect this...)

-- Terror_Nova

Exiles - You should be able to load crates on FFAA land vehicles and aircraft & tow FFAA land vehicles.

Let me know if there are any issues.

-- Terror_Nova

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May 15, 18
on Lythium, neither on sale, nor in loot, nor in bots, there are no anti-aircraft portable complexes, and there are no anti-tank weapons other than rpg7, rpg42, rustlin and maavs, well, m136 occurs, only this is available: missiles in the same there are almost all sales, but there are no installations
May 15, 18
It is so wanted that the launcher action goes down a bit
May 17, 18
Hello Exiles!
Fri at 23:32
hey what happened to lythium server? It says is epoch now and in tano..? is my base gone now?
Fri at 23:35
the server is called Lythium Server but the map is Altis?? that makes no sence
Fri at 23:40
there is a banner on this website saying DoD2 server is now LYTHIUM Map, but its altis.. Idk maybe its under maintenance but i cant tell thats the case from what ive seen so far
Fri at 23:40
its Tanoa* not altis
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