DoD Server Rules

DoD servers are meant to be FUN.

This means they are not a forum for:


Cheating is not acceptable

This applies to regular players AND administrators.

  • No glitching
  • No duping
  • No exploiting

General Rules

→ Rule Number 1: Don’t be a Dick! ←

  • Safe zone camping: Camping near Safe Zones is prohibited.
  • Building a base so that you can engage players entering or exiting a safe zone is considered camping and may result in your base being removed without compensation.
  • Spawn zone camping: Camping spawn zones – from any distance and especially from bases is prohibited and may result in a ban.
    • Similar to Safe Zone Camping this may result in your base being removed without compensation. 
  • Do NOT impersonate staff.
  • Admin Events: Do not engage, block or interfere with an admin event if you are not part of it. If you are not part of the event you may spectate the event (but you still could get killed).
  • Group size limits may be placed on groups that are causing problems on the server for other players. Big groups are ok, just don’t use your group size to dominate the server
    preventing other groups/people from enjoying the game. This is up to Admin discretion.
  • English only in Side Chat, please
  • Abusing admins will not be tolerated. Repeated abuse of admins will result in a penalty such as being kicked or banned.
  • If you genuinely think an Admin is abusing, record with video, come to the TeamSpeak and talk to Vistor or Terror_Nova. Do not start spamming the chat.

Game Play

  • Anyone causing unnecessary drama, griefing or being abusive in game will be kicked from server. 
  • Spam Killing”: Repeated mass killing of players with attack helicopters or any other means (e.g., completed missions) is not permitted. This rule is strictly enforced.
  • Combat Logging: Combat logging is not permitted. This includes both if you are engaged with another player or AI.
  • Vehicle towing/sling loading for combat is prohibited, for example:
    • Do not tow a repair vehicle to keep yourself from being blown up. 
    • Do not tow an ammo truck to keep yourself from running out of ammo. 
    • Shooting from a sling loaded armed vehicle under a helicopter.
  • Do not buy ammo or fuel or repair trucks and base them in a safe zone. They will be deleted.
  • Players are expected to leave their bases for game play (not including defending your base – that is obviously allowed): 
  • Do not engage missions or players at missions from on top of your base. If you want to do a mission, go do it. 
  • Do not engage players with armed vehicles from the top of your base. You are permitted to engage from ground level (inside your perimeter walls, on the ground).

Base Raiding/Attacking

  • No logging out in enemy base at any time.
  • No dropping vehicles on bases from helicopters (or kamikaze attacks).
  • Players must disengage from a base raid at least 5 minutes before restart and be 500m away from the base being raided. Firing at the base is not allowed. (Raiders need to keep track of
  • No raiding Admin bases. (Admins can’t raid your base either)*
  • Engaging Admin bases in PVP/Warfare is allowed. (You cannot raid but you can kill admins in their bases)*

Safe Zone Rules

  • Do not steal from another player or vehicle in the safe zone.
  • Do not destroy vehicles in the safe zone.
  • If someone steals your vehicle outside the safe zone, you cannot steal it back inside the safe zone.
  • Using the Safe Zone to retreat from combat is not allowed.
  • Do not destroy any trader buildings.
  • Do not troll or spam while in the safe zone.
  • If a player dies in the safezone do not loot their body.
  • Safe Zone Exception – all vehicles left in the safe zone automatically unlock at server restart. For the first 5 minutes after restart these vehicles are also “fair game” for being sold.

Territories and Building

  • Only two (2) territories are allowed per group.
  • Your flag must be protected by 3 walls, 1 door and a roof (basically a room), the door must be accessible for players to grind. You may not cover your flag base with any construction
    item. How difficult you make it leading up to the flag room is your choice (e.g., the flag room may be inside a main building but all walls must be accessible).*
  • The base of your flag MUST exposed. The base of the flag CANNOT be placed below the ground*
  • The maximum building height is 25 meters. There will be no compensation if offending base parts are removed by an Admin.
  • No blocking roads with anything. 
  • All distances are measured from the outside radius of the listed circles.
  • You must be more than the distances below.
  • From a spawn zone – 1000 meters 
  • From a safe zone     – 1000 meters 
  • Non Safezone Trader – 500 meters *
  • From an airfield – 500 meters 
  • From a Major Military Area – 800 meters
  • You may not build in high-loot areas such as military bases.
  • Remember: If you are in doubt about where you are building contact an administrator
  • Building in Debug: Done at your own risk. Do not complain if your base disappears.
  • The owner of the server reserves the right to delete base parts that have been removed from the prices list/loot tables. (e.g., a television, lawn chairs, etc.)*

  • Playing Tips

    • Exile / ArmA Bugs: There will be no compensation for items lost due to Exile / ArmA bugs nor admin teleports for your character.
    • Compensation requests must be accompanied with video evidence. Screenshots are not acceptable. The decision of the admin is final. (i.e., Do not whine.)
    • Parking on wood or concrete floors is done at your own risk *
    • Random Spawn Vehicle: Random spawned vehicles will be deleted after restart unless you purchase a code lock for them and claim ownership.
    • Territory protection money must be paid within seven (7) days.*


    1. All the rules from above apply to Epoch except the ones that are for Exile only.
    2. Base are captured with a frequency jammer and not a flag.
    3. Bases despawn over time rather than a set period of time. Check the health of each base part to determine when detreoriation will start to occur. 
    4. There will be NO destruction of base parts with attack helis, tanks, APCs, or rocket launchers. If you want to raid a base, do it the right way.
    5. The rule regarding attack helis attacking players on the ground without being engaged first also applies to our Epoch server. 
    “Server Rules”,”
    – English only in side chat.
    – No hacking, no duping, no glitching, nor any exploits of any kind – NO EXCEPTIONS!
    – Respect all players and Admins at all times.
    – Glitching into another player’s base is not allowed (Running at a wall and diving into it, vaulting into a wall ect . .) and will be dealt with accordingly.
     – Helicopters will not be used to Kamikaze into other players bases.
     – The use of cars, trucks, vans, quad bikes, bikes or any other vehicle as projectiles from helicopters to damage bases or players (Sling Bombing) Is not allowed and will result in corrective action.
     – Safe zones are for trading only. Any players found to be using the safe zones to exit frag or camp.
     – The safe zone is not for your vehicle storage.
     – Do NOT leave your vehicle in safe zone over a restart and you will be fine. This does not mean you are allowed to camp a vehicle and steal directly from a player in Safe Zone, that is not allowed.
     – NO harassing in the safezone.
     – NO Killing in the safe-zones.
     – Do NOT engage player bases with attack helis/Tanks/APCs with rockets to destroy base parts. Blowing up vehicles on top of player bases is permitted.

    “Building Rules”

    – You can not build without a jammer. However, you can place a maximum of two safes without a jammer present.
    – 300 objects can be built within range of a jammer.
    – Jammer range is 100 meters.
    – No building within 500meters of military.
    – Limit/Range can change at any time!
    – Roads and bridges must not be obstructed by bases. The same goes for mission areas like the prison and military loot areas as well. Your base will be removed without warning if you violate this rule.
    – NO building within 500Meters of static missions.
    – NO building within 1KM of white hash marked safezones.
    – Max height is 50Meters. General
    – 3 Hours restart-
    – You can choose to GROUND SPAWN or HALO SPAWN near the city of your choice. 
    – Vote for Day or Night by typing /vote night or day. 
    – There are bugs in Arma such has randomly dying from buildings that are damaged, ladders or stairs, please note, no gear will be returned for Arma bug related incidents, please report them to Bohemia.
    – There are four different types of AI missions colored for difficulty; they are as follows: Blue – Easy; Red – Medium; Green – Hard; Orange – Very Hard.
    – There are also AI town invasion missions, which feature all-new Apex loot and a very diverse challenging urban fighting environment. 
    – To get ahold of an Admin, please use our Discord or Teamspeak.
    – YOU can craft a quad (one per life) by using the scroll wheel.
    – You can arm APCs by going to a service or gas station located at various points on the map.  Epoch Tips
    – Groupmenu: Inventorykey and lower left is the Groupmenu.
    – Some vehicles may explode or despawn after restarts. Park vehicles away from buildings and other vehicles!
    – When you die, your Krypto/Money will be on your body, so don’t forget it!
    – 1-3 minutes before restart, you should logout to prevent character and inventory loss!
    – For more information on Epoch, visit them at Forums and Wiki for your convenience! Epoch Trader
    – If the trading function does not work properly, a relog should fix this issue.
    – Spacebar + Trade: Start trading with player
    – Spacebar + Accept Player Trade: Accept the trade
    – Spacebar + Trade: Start trading with Traders
    – DoD Blue Arrows = Traders stocked with all in-game items Epoch Bankingsystem
    -You can use a Telephone box or a ATM to store your Crypto.
    -Spacebar + Examine on it to open the Bank Menu.
    -Telephone box or a ATM is in every big Town (often near Supermarket)or Airfield.
    -When you die, you pay automatically 50 Krypto Clonecost.
    -When you die, your Crypto/Money will remain on your body; make sure you go back to your body and collect it by using -Spacebar while hovering over your body. Epoch AI spawn
    – UAV’s and sappers will spawn on top of player that stay still or in the same zone.
    – Sappers are spawned more if you are soiled and drones spawn more if you fire your weapon in a city; less if using a silencer. Epoch Controls
    – CTRL + (-) regulate volume level down
    – CTRL + (+) regulate volume level up
    – ^ key: Debug Monitor
    – H: Holster your Weapon
    – Spacebar + Unlock: Open Vehicles
    – Spacebar + Inspect: Loot a dead body, Trash or dead Sapper
    – Spacebar + Examine: On a Telephone Box or ATM to store Krypto
    – <font color=’#FF0000′>Building Controls
    – Space Bar: Enables all building functions to be completed
    – 1: Confirm Build
    – Q or E: rotate Buildingparts
    – Page up or down: higher or lower Buildingparts
    – Insert or Delete: Move object to the left or right
    – Check the Escape menu for correct vector building controls. Contact Us
    Vistor (Owner)
    Terror-Nova (Head-Admin)
    Epoch Server IP:
    Exile Server IP:


    • Penalties for any abuse of the rules will be decided by the admin handling it.
    • Any bans may be appealed in the forum under Ban Appeals.

    → Rules Are Subject To Change ←

    * = Exile only rule

    1. Greifing: A griefer is a player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately irritates and harasses other players within the game, using aspects of the game in unintended ways. A griefer derives pleasure primarily or exclusively from the act of annoying other users, and as such is a particular nuisance in online gaming communities, since griefers often cannot be deterred by penalties related to in-game goals. This creates a slight division between griefing and cheating, since cheating is most often done with intent of winning the game and thus is discouraged by in-game penalties.


    Last Update: 07/28/2019