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– 3 Hours restart
– You can choose to GROUND SPAWN or HALO SPAWN near the city of your choice.
– Vote for Day or Night by typing /vote night or day.
– There are bugs in Arma such has randomly dying from buildings that are damaged, ladders or stairs, please note, no gear will be returned for Arma bug related incidents, please report them to Bohemia.
– There are four different types of AI missions colored for difficulty; they are as follows: Blue – Easy; Red – Medium; Green – Hard; Orange – Very Hard.
– There are also AI town invasion missions, which feature all-new Apex loot and a very diverse challenging urban fighting environment.
– Lastly, there are Arma 2 style missions to give a broad range of mission choice for the player.
– To get ahold of an Admin, please use our Discord or Teamspeak.
– YOU can craft a quad (one per life) by using the scroll wheel.
– You can arm Ifrit/Strider/Hunter/GhostHawk/etc by going to a service or gas station located at various points on the map.
– High powered weapons on the helicopters and tanks are disabled.
– You do not need to find specific vehicle parts anymore, vehicle repair parts should be enough to fix vehicles.
– To raid a base, you need to gather the necessary tools to picklock the doors and safes. The required items are: 1 – Hotwire Kit and 2 – Electronic Componants

Epoch Tips
– Group: Inventorykey and lower left is the Group.
– Some vehicles may explode or despawn after restarts. Park vehicles away from buildings and other vehicles!
– When you die, your Krypto/Money will be on your body, so don’t forget it!
– 1-3 minutes before restart, you should logout to prevent character and inventory loss!
– You can loot baskets, trashcans, graves, wood pallets, and more with Spacebar + Inspect.
– You can view/change any custom Epoch controls by going to the ESC .
– For more information on Epoch, visit them at Forums and Wiki for your convenience!

– General –
How to start?
– Get a Jammer and find a spot to place it (F11 -> show blocked areas should help you)
– Try to find a car or a storage (e.g. Safe, Lockbox, Shelf, Tipi) to store your loot
– Loot more and more to build up your base

How do I get Vehicles?
– You can find new spawned cars always on roads and helicopter can spawn anywhere.
– At Traders when players sell them.

How can I repack magazines?
– Open your inventory and double click on the magazine which should be repacked

How can I deposit / transfer my Krypto?
– You can deposit Kryptos at every ATM or phone booth (ATMs also in safe-zone.)
– While looking at an ATM / phone booth press “i” or hold space -> inspect to open the

Is there an autorun key?
– Autorun is by default on 2*W
– You can change the autorun key in the Epoch configuration when you press ESC

How can I get energy and for what do I need it?
– Eating energy packs (energy depends on the ammo)
– Sit inside a vehicle while the engine is running
– Standing near a solar generator (Inventory -> Epoch crafting)
– Used for: Building, NVG, Lockpicking, to open the garage doors (a laptop is needed)

Is this PvP or PvE?
– This server is PvPvE!

How can I rearm my vehicle?
– You have to visit gas stations.

Where can I find vehicles?
– Ground vehicles only spawn on roads
– Air vehicles can spawn everywhere
– Sometimes player have sold a vehicle at a trader

How can I flip / push my vehicle?
– Flip: Hold space -> Flip vehicle (for ground vehicles a jack is needed)

– Other
How do I use the Multigun?
– You always need a Multigun + energy pack + an attachment.
– There are 3 different attachments: Revive, Heal, Reapair.
– Just fire on the thing, you want to heal / repair / revive (Players, Corpses, Vehicles).

– Good to know
– If a vehicle or corpse if bugged or in the air press P to Push them.
– If you see someone which lost his gear but a second ago he had it, tell him to press ESC and wait 10 seconds.

Epoch Trader
– If the trading function does not work properly, a relog should fix this issue.
– Spacebar + Trade: Start trading with player
– Spacebar + Accept: Player Trade: Accept the trade
– Spacebar + Trade: Start trading with Traders
– Scroll-wheel = Trade with blackmarket traders

Epoch Bankingsystem
-You can use a Telephone box or a ATM to store your Crypto.
-Spacebar + Examine on it to open the Bank .
-Telephone box or a ATM is in every big Town (often near Supermarket)or Airfield.
-When you die, you pay automatically 50 Krypto Clonecost.
-When you die, your Crypto/Money will remain on your body; make sure you go back to your body and collect it by using -Spacebar while hovering over your body.

Epoch AI spawn
– UAV’s and sappers will spawn on top of player that stay still or in the same zone.
– Sappers are spawned more if you are soiled and drones spawn more if you fire your weapon in a city; less if using a silencer.

Epoch Controls
– CTRL + (-) regulate volume level down
– CTRL + (+) regulate volume level up
– ^ key: Debug Monitor
– H: Holster your Weapon
– Spacebar + Unlock: Open Vehicles
– Spacebar + Inspect: Loot a dead body, Trash or dead Sapper
– Spacebar + Examine: On a Telephone Box or ATM to store Krypto
Building Controls
– Space Bar: Enables all building functions to be completed
– 1: Confirm Build
– Q or E: rotate Buildingparts
– Page up or down: higher or lower Buildingparts
– Insert or Delete: Move object to the left or right
– Check the Escape for correct vector building controls.

Contact Us
Vistor (Owner)
Terror-Nova (Head-Admin)
ProfWar (Admin)