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The Accountant posted Thu at 13:46

I was clearing some disc space, and had alot of videoclips from when i was constantly playing on the DOD servers. The servers was stuffed with people and we really had a great time playing here. So i made a video with all these clips and thought it would be fun to share it with you- theres alot of recognizable names on it. 


Hi folks - It looks like with the Tanks DLC we went over the A3Launcher mod limit so both servers are not showing up.

They are showing up in ArmA 3 Launcher.

Exilites - Some players seem to have gotten the idea that you are not allowed to camp missions. Others have taken it a little bit further in believing that once you have completed a mission no one is allowed to attack you.

That is definately not the case. Players are fair game to be targeted during and after completing a mission. DoD servers are, after all, a PvP servers. 

Right now DoD 1 Chernarus Redux is low population. That means the chance that you will meet up with someone else is likely greater.

What is prohibited is using a vehicle repeatedly simply to kill players completing missions. To be clear:

  1. If you are flying an attack heli and see that a mission has been completed and attack as a target of opportunity or you were going to do the mission anyway - that is fair game.
  2. If all you do is go around in an attack heli repeatedly attacking completed missions - and not trying to take the loot, for example - well, that is being a dick.

Don't be a dick!

-- Terror_Nova

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