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Something new Part 3

Terror_Nova posted Mon at 23:16

Chernarus Redux has been changed to Chernarus Isles. While Redux has some really nice scenary it really seems to be causing lag. Redux is made for post-apocalyptic gameplay and putting missions in seems to cause lag. Outside of the new Isles to the south, everything is the same (except for the redux'ed areas).

-- Terror_Nova

Manny The only thing that stays are safes and flags. I build a base this morning and after restart it got deleted again.
Terror_Nova Thanks... Pre-existing pieces prior to the change should still be there (at least last night when I tested it). We will ...
Manny Base structures are getting deleted at every restart.

Something new Part 2

Vistor posted Sun at 21:51

When I created DoD, I wanted to create something that would be around for a long time and would make a positive impact on the gaming community. Arma 3 was by far the best choice in game when it comes to hosting a server. But everything good comes to its own end. Arma 3 is clearly on the decline and with the final DLC just come out this past week. Arma 3 will slowly trickle into the land of dead games. I'm quite aware there are still plenty of full servers out there. But those numbers have dropped big time. That being said, I want to share some of my visions for the future of DoD. Hopefully you guys support us in the years to come, because I am willing to make the commitment. DayZ SA is a game that has been in development for many years now and it's finally starting to see that light at the end of the tunnel. I forsee DayZ SA as a replacent until Arma 4 gets here. Since the server files for DayZ SA have been released, I am going to focus part of our efforts on developing a DayZSA server and see where that takes us. I probably will allocate currently used resources towards this project, so just a headsup.  Hope you guys like my idea. I will keep everyone up to date. 

AngryHobbit Dayz SA with mods?

Something New

Vistor posted Sun at 5:15

Going to be testing something new on server 1 to see if it helps with population. removing all armed helis excetp ghost hawk and the similar. also removing all tanks and most APCs, as well as rocket launchers. Just going to see how it goes for a bit.

Vistor Woodland...you love my changes or you wouldn't stay...an ever evolving server will never get boring
WoodLandPro I thought all the testing was done on DOD2
Manny Suggestions for the Chernarus server: -Put "HighFPS" on server description. It really matters for man...

We may have a solution for those of you being randomly kicked. Based on a post that Vistor found it appears that the problem may be that (a) you are using a HDD (spinning disk) instead of a SDD (solidstate disk) and (b) you have less than 8 GB of RAM. This makes some sense to me given the number of mods that we have on the server - and you have to load as the Arma client. It seems that the client-side mods are still loading. Also, if you have less than 8 GB of RAM your computer has to "swap" memory to disk; that is, use your hard disk as virtual memory. This is really, really slow!


Once you are 'boots are on the ground', open your map right away and zoom into them map much as possible. Do NOT move or do anything for at least 5 minutes. If you have a HDD light, you will see it doing its thing and when it is done, the HDD light will almost stop 'flickering'. Once the HDD light is 'normall then you can play as normal.

By zooming in, your computer can verifing the files instead of drawing grass and trees while the wind blows them around, etc. When you are 'looking around" ArmA is loading in more details, etc.

The person who posted noted that he suffered from this off and on for a good while. Once he (and others) followed the suggestion above it always worked 100% of the time. 

Hello fellow Exiles - We have a Tutorials section on the Forums: http://www.doordiegamers.com/communityforum/m/42796883/viewforum/8782236

I would like to encouage anyone who has any suggestions - especially for recent arrivals - to post them!

-- Terror_Nova

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