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Also, have the package comment already screenshotted. SO nice try. I'll be posting a link and sharing this with the other server admins that are against ignorant children making servers.
You're acting like entitled brats, that think just because THEY decided to open a server they deserve the costs covered by the users. Maybe try splitting the costs among your admin staff?
I've ran multiple servers, the TWS exile servers as well as LHMC exile and life servers and have never expected players to donate based on playertime or how much they enjoy my server. Some people can't, and others will when they can.
Considering you now seem to think that shaming your players into donating is a good idea, and offering ingame rewards for this I'll be reporting you to bohemia. This is absolutely not something a server admin/owner should do.
I just started this month on the server. Not a regular by any means. The time shaming is bs. I sent some money for the time played. Never seen a server do that. Wont be back.
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Using BattleMetrics Data:

On the servers the following are the top 10 users over the last month and how much they have played (from BattleMetrics):


DoD 1: Chernarus Redux

DoD 2: Lythium





















[Get Rekt] Darklord







Ghost [[]



Sour [GP]


Pablo Escobars





Maurice Heinsen



FlorentPC [PLTN]




Are you one of these players? Have you donated to keep the servers running?

There is under two weeks left and we have only $80 of the $250 needed to keep the servers running. At this point the only donations are from the two deputy head admins.

You cannot expect only the admin team and owner to keep the server running! There are a significant number of players and teams who play just about every day - the servers are not like free beer: Someone has to pay and it cannot be just the owner and the admin team! 

If we do not get the funds to run the server, in under two weeks, you might have to find a new server to play on!


Vistor a posted Tue at 10:53  -  ASAPDonationsImportant

With just over 2 weeks to go, we're still $210 short of our target, if you could spare any amount towards our running costs, it would be greatly appreciated as DoD relies on your donations to pay for the 2 high powered Intel servers we run.

By donating, you get access to private channels on TeamSpeak, get a donator tag and get access to quicker support, for speedier responses on your issues.

You can donate using the box to the left of this article.

Thanks to all of you who donated last month.

If sufficient donations are not received, I don't know how we're going to cover this month.

All players are notified that effective November 26 the following base building rules are coming into effect:

  1. New height restriction: All bases starting November 26 will be restricted to 25 metres (that is over 75 feet). 25 metres is the maximum playable height.
  2. EBM Parts: Starting November 26 EBM parts such as hangers, Big Military Base, castle towers will not longer be permitted to be in the air. Simply put: If it should be on the ground it must be on the ground. Hangers, etc. should not be placed hanging in the air. EBM parts such as fuel pumps, etc. will be allowed to be above the ground so long as they are not hanging in the air; e.g., a fuel pump must be on a floor.
  3. Starting on Novemer 26 the admin team will be deleting any base parts that exceed the rules in (1) and (2). NO COMPENSATION WILL BE MADE.

Registering For The Forums

Mouldie aD posted Oct 19, 17

From now on anyone registering for the forum will have to use their IGN (in game name). 

If we do not see the name in the database the request to join will be rejected.


DoD Admin.

Further - Players are required to use their IGN in TeamSpeak as well. If you need help from an Admin you must use your IGN in TeamSpeak -- Terror_Nova, Head Admin.

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