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uhh, looks like i got a ban? had connection issues - but did nothing wrong
it happens to me and i dont have windows 10
Thanks JIMMYBA11BA65 - But - putting my security hat on (day job) - be careful on that rollback...
Tried messaging you guys on TS. DoD2 seems to be gone again.
ok so this bad_module_info thing, seems to be the latest windows 10 update. Only way ive managed to fix it is by reverting to the last windows 10 patch. Give it a try if you still have issues boys
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Vistor a posted Dec 8, 17

I am going to keep DoD 2 down until they fix the map. Your bases will be fine as the server will be off. Sorry.

[S.A.S] Ghost Hunter Heeey,, Vistor Maby an idea to just clean the server or save the files , Start up an empty server , add one mod then ano...
Raggamuffins F0cker at InfitiyExile says that it is not the map that is the issue, but something on your server.

More Issues

Vistor a posted Dec 6, 17

Seems OVH (our server host) is having issues right now, therefore all our servers and TS are down until further notice. It seems its one problem after another against us. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.


Vistor a posted Dec 6, 17



Battleye Bugged

Vistor a posted Dec 1, 17  -  BEImportantNEWS

I am very sorry server 2 keeps crashing, I have found out some news regarding the issue from Battleye:

Hello, an update of the situation:
We launched an investigation straight after yesterday's release, also with help of some of you (thanks for that!). We are now almost certain that the issue (cannot join server and / or get kicked out immediately after) comes from the change we made to BE traffic. We have programmers investigating the issue and QA already testing some of potential hotfix solutions internally. Here comes the catch: the hotfix is quite risky and will need more time to be tested.
If we think of reverting the technology, it yet again comes with risks. The revert itself will take some time (it's Friday afternoon in the Czech Republic) and will basically eliminate the efforts of separating the BE traffic. We'd like to avoid this at all costs, because it without any doubt is a step in the right direction and provides more stable gameplay for large part of the playerbase.

Now, the question is: do you think we can survive the weekend with the game as it is? We would focus our efforts on deploying a hotfix next week ASAP, but right now touching the game in any way can actually do more harm.
I'm interested in your opinions.
from Iceman

Sadly, we can't do anything about this until they get their shit together and fix it. Meanwhile, the server is going to probably keep crashing.  Just wanted to update you guys.

DoD 2 Map Change

Vistor a posted Oct 21, 17

Lythium Vanilla+ Mission Files for 1.0.3b and Arma 1.70

Author: Kurewe

Web: https://cantankerousoldgoats.enjin.com/

I've put together some Vanilla+ Lythium Mission files for your pleasure. Even though it isn't strictly Vanilla, I did try to keep the extras useful and easily configurable/changeable.

Note 1: After updating to Arma 1.70 and Exile 1.0.3, I noticed that there seems to be some (loud) wind across the map (even during completely clear weather). This is not specific to this map, as Bohemia appears to have updated some environment sounds, making them louder. I was able to reduce the constant loud wind by creating a Lythium specific environment entry in the config.cpp. While this helped, the wind is still loud during bad weather and at higher elevations. I will be trying to further reduce the wind volume as I get time.

Note 2: The files I have provided for this Lythium mission (while tested and functional on their own), were done so with the expectation that the person using them will have enough experience and knowledge to then custom configure the mission to their liking. I have no issues providing information about the mission files themselves and specific addons if I use them on my server and have configured them specifically for Lythium. Given that, my preference would be not to turn this thread into a tutorial on how to edit or configure addons, scripts, etc.

  • 60 player slots
  • 4 Safe Traders (which include both airports)
    • Purchased vehicles spawn safely at designated spots
    • All traders have a fuel station/fuel source
  • 2 Spec Ops Traders
  • 3 Mixer Sites (also equipped with workbenches and campfires for EBM use)
  • 9 Spawn Zones
  • Replaced 5 Non-functioning JBAD Fuel Stations with similar Arma versions
    • Only 2 of the original Fuel Stations would and still do auto refuel
  • 9 Fuel Stations added to fill in gaps (with map markers)
    • Fueling is manual on all added fuel stations
  • Added small script to remove/hide certain map objects
    • Floating rock by Shoran Trader
    • Create Heli Landing Area by Shoran Trader
    • 5 Non-functioning Fuel Stations mentioned above
  • 2 Fixes included
    • Get Dynamic Vehicles To Only Spawn Within The Lythium Map Area
    • Purchased Vehicles Spawn In Specific Locations At Traders
  • Exile map markers have been colored
  • All 3 default weather patterns enabled
  • Earthquakes disabled
  • Mission.sqm arranged for easier editing of items without too much work
    • Similar/Related items have been grouped together
  • initServer.sqf/iniPlayerLocal.sqf have been configured to make changes easier
    • Each trader location's objects and simple objects are sectioned and labeled
    • Each trader location's NPCs are sectioned and labeled
  • exile_server_config.pbo included with JBAD and FFAA loot positions
    • Loot positions for Arma buildings and more are also included
  • DMS Files
    • Map Config included for use with DMS
    • Occupation static mission with Lythium locations
  • Loot Table Fix for 1.0.3b - 1.0.3e

Does not include:

  • Roulette


This is just a test-run of the map to see how everything goes, traders and such might get updated in the future depending on player interest. Enjoy the new map!

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