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Folks - New RHS update... see [link] Likely local and server updates will be required. Stay tuned.
Admins - please review the posts in the Admin Information Forums. We will be posting information on meetings, etc. there.
Cool - Just saw them. Nice flying!
You can find them in the DoD forum section Terror.
Snipz - what is the URL for the vidz?
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Registering For The Forums

Mouldie a posted Sun at 5:32

From now on anyone registering for the forum will have to use their IGN (in game name). 

If we do not see the name in the database the request to join will be rejected.


DoD Admin.

Spawn zone camping: Camping spawn zones - from ANY distance ESPECIALLY from bases is prohibited and may result in a ban.

Admin Meeting

Terror_Nova a posted Oct 12, 17

Could all admins please try to be online today/tonight (Thursday, October 12) so we can schedule the admin meeting this weekend. Agenda is posted in the admin section of the website

Monday's Event

Terror_Nova a posted Oct 10, 17

Hi folks - First, thanks to everyone who participated on the event on Monday on Chernarus. I must say I was quite impressed with the Little Bird carnage 

This was the first event in some time - we had been talking about it and decided on a spur-of-the-moment - and it was okay. Not great, just okay. Frankly, there were some things that we were not quite ready.

Anyway, we are working on another event on Altis; hopefully this weekend. Right now it looks like it will be a base attack (base is built) and we are working on the logistics and plan. One idea is that we have the admin team act as defenders (no god mode ) and a time limit. Winner or team will get a vehicle and pop tabs. How this is split up is the team's decision (don't ask the admins). Attack helis will NOT be allowed (unless you want us admins with lots of AA and overhead coverage). 

We will be posting more details - time, scenario, prizes - later this week.

Now... go out an frag someone!

Folks - Building is tunnels on Chernarus (including the underground station) is not permitted. This was posted on the shoutbox earlier this week.

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