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Apparently i dont have the right key for the mod. I have no clue what is going on.
Also i could get on ts to talk about this so i dont spam the shoutbox
Could you maybe give me a link? Cause i tryed to use the one from the steam workshop and the server kicked me it didnt tell me why tho
works fine with the arma launcher. I can't get the load to mod with A3L
basic JSRS and additional sounds (not the ak47 one)
You do not have access to shout.


Vistor a posted Tue at 10:53  -  ASAPDonationsImportant

With just over 2 weeks to go, we're still $210 short of our target, if you could spare any amount towards our running costs, it would be greatly appreciated as DoD relies on your donations to pay for the 2 high powered Intel servers we run.

By donating, you get access to private channels on TeamSpeak, get a donator tag and get access to quicker support, for speedier responses on your issues.

You can donate using the box to the left of this article.

Thanks to all of you who donated last month.

If sufficient donations are not received, I don't know how we're going to cover this month.

All players are notified that effective November 26 the following base building rules are coming into effect:

  1. New height restriction: All bases starting November 26 will be restricted to 25 metres (that is over 75 feet). 25 metres is the maximum playable height.
  2. EBM Parts: Starting November 26 EBM parts such as hangers, Big Military Base, castle towers will not longer be permitted to be in the air. Simply put: If it should be on the ground it must be on the ground. Hangers, etc. should not be placed hanging in the air. EBM parts such as fuel pumps, etc. will be allowed to be above the ground so long as they are not hanging in the air; e.g., a fuel pump must be on a floor.
  3. Starting on Novemer 26 the admin team will be deleting any base parts that exceed the rules in (1) and (2). NO COMPENSATION WILL BE MADE.

Registering For The Forums

Mouldie a posted Oct 19, 17

From now on anyone registering for the forum will have to use their IGN (in game name). 

If we do not see the name in the database the request to join will be rejected.


DoD Admin.

Further - Players are required to use their IGN in TeamSpeak as well. If you need help from an Admin you must use your IGN in TeamSpeak -- Terror_Nova, Head Admin.

Hi folks - We are always looking for people who want to join the admin team. However, you really need to know what it means to be an admin. If you are looking to join the team because it will help you - or your online friends! - get an advantage over over players you can stop reading right now. We do not want you. 

The best way to think about being on the admin team is to think of a traditional sports team. I like (American/Canadian) football (Go Pats! ) so I will use that analogy (stripped down to make it relevant).

Front office Front Office
  President/CEO Robert Kraft   Owner Vistor
  Director of Football
Head Coach Administration 
Berj Najarian   Head Admin Terror_Nova
Head coaches Server Administration
  Head Coach/General Manager Bill Belichick   Deputy Head Admin (Chernarus) Mouldie
        Deputy Head Admin (Lythium) Burn
Offensive Coaches Player Administration
  Offensive Coordinator
Josh McDaniels   Admin(s) (Chernarus)
        Admin(s) (Lythium)  
Strength and Conditioning Player Assistance
  Strength and Conditioning Moses Cabrera   Moderator(s) (Chernarus)  
        Moderator(s) (Lythium)  

Each person on the staff has a role.

The Owner - Vistor: Owns the server; determines the philosophy of play (e.g., militarized, leveling of game play, etc.); final escalation point for decisions

The Head Admin - Terror_Nova: Assists the Owner in designing the philosophy; provides guidance to the Deputy Head Admins, escalation point for Deputy Head Admins

Deputy Head Admins - Mouldie/Burn: Responsible for the day-to-day administration of play; provides guidance and mentor-ship to Admins and Moderators. Escalation point for Admins

Admins: Responsible for direct interactions with players; can provide compensation to players where warranted; overwatches game play to ensure it is fair and no griefing occurs, reviews bases to ensure that bases conform to rules; mentors Moderators

Moderators: Assist in helping players (especially new players) with game play; with Admin approval may provide compensation to players where warranted; overwatches game play to ensure fairness

Who are we looking for:

  1. Applicants that are over 21 years of age. Why 21 years? Basically it comes down to two things: Maturity and judgment. Many areas of administration are judgment calls and this requires maturity. 
  2. Players that have played on our servers for more than one (1) month. We want applicants to understand the philosophy and game play on our servers before deciding to apply.
  3. Ability to speak English proficiently. Like the aviation industry English is the official language. You need to be able not only to speak well but also write well (e.g., communicating to players in chat, etc.) That being said, proficiency with another language (French, German, Russian, American English ) would be considered an asset!
  4. Not be part of another group or be prepared to leave that group. Effectively becoming part of the Admin team means being part of that team. This will prevent the temptation of using admin powers to the benefit of the group. The Admin team does do some play ("All work makes Jack a dull boy" and all that jazz) but it is carefully considered. Admins executing a base raid is extremely discouraged! Whilst we understand you are here because you like playing, being part of the Admin team is a responsibility. Please remember that being part of the Admin team will stop you playing with a group (outside the Admin group). This is ideally suited to "lone wolves."
  5. Being an admin means that the admin role is more important than playing the game. The expectation is that an Admin will drop game play to to assist a regular player or find another Admin team member that can assist. In short, ensuring that the servers run smoothly is more important than playing the game.
  6. A knowledge of rCon would be an advantage as well as a knowledge of how hackers/cheaters/glitchers operate.
  7. Availability: We know that no one can play 24x7 (maybe 30 hours ) we need coverage at some level around the clock. As well, letting the others on the Admin team know when you are not available is important. We understand that everyone has school/work/family responsibilities but we need to know if you are going to be away for a period of time (e.g., vacation, final exams, etc.). Not letting us know may result in you being removed from the Admin team.
  8. Meetings: You are responsible for attending meetings (once a month). If you cannot be there you are required to contact a Deputy Admin or Head Admin to review what has taken place.

Once you are accepted:

Generally, new applicants will start at the Moderator level. There are a number of reasons for this. First, even if you are a seasoned admin from another server we want to see how you perform and how you mesh with the team. Once a period of time has passed the senior admin team (Owner, Head Admin, Deputy Head Admin(s) in consultation with Admins from that server) will review performance to determin if the Moderator can move up to a full Admin. Determinations could be made to:

  1. Promote the Moderator to a full admin
  2. Retain the Moderator at the Moderator level for more experience
  3. Remove Moderator rights

Reviews are carried out and based upon performance -- demotions may occur. Admin team members caught cheating - cheating is defined as anything that unfairly affects other players' game play, benefits your friends, etc. - will result in being kicked from the team. Seriously, if you want to be an admin to grief other players or help your buddies we don't want you.

If you think that you can hack it - please apply!

DoD 2 Map Change

Vistor a posted Oct 21, 17

Lythium Vanilla+ Mission Files for 1.0.3b and Arma 1.70

Author: Kurewe

Web: https://cantankerousoldgoats.enjin.com/

I've put together some Vanilla+ Lythium Mission files for your pleasure. Even though it isn't strictly Vanilla, I did try to keep the extras useful and easily configurable/changeable.

Note 1: After updating to Arma 1.70 and Exile 1.0.3, I noticed that there seems to be some (loud) wind across the map (even during completely clear weather). This is not specific to this map, as Bohemia appears to have updated some environment sounds, making them louder. I was able to reduce the constant loud wind by creating a Lythium specific environment entry in the config.cpp. While this helped, the wind is still loud during bad weather and at higher elevations. I will be trying to further reduce the wind volume as I get time.

Note 2: The files I have provided for this Lythium mission (while tested and functional on their own), were done so with the expectation that the person using them will have enough experience and knowledge to then custom configure the mission to their liking. I have no issues providing information about the mission files themselves and specific addons if I use them on my server and have configured them specifically for Lythium. Given that, my preference would be not to turn this thread into a tutorial on how to edit or configure addons, scripts, etc.

  • 60 player slots
  • 4 Safe Traders (which include both airports)
    • Purchased vehicles spawn safely at designated spots
    • All traders have a fuel station/fuel source
  • 2 Spec Ops Traders
  • 3 Mixer Sites (also equipped with workbenches and campfires for EBM use)
  • 9 Spawn Zones
  • Replaced 5 Non-functioning JBAD Fuel Stations with similar Arma versions
    • Only 2 of the original Fuel Stations would and still do auto refuel
  • 9 Fuel Stations added to fill in gaps (with map markers)
    • Fueling is manual on all added fuel stations
  • Added small script to remove/hide certain map objects
    • Floating rock by Shoran Trader
    • Create Heli Landing Area by Shoran Trader
    • 5 Non-functioning Fuel Stations mentioned above
  • 2 Fixes included
    • Get Dynamic Vehicles To Only Spawn Within The Lythium Map Area
    • Purchased Vehicles Spawn In Specific Locations At Traders
  • Exile map markers have been colored
  • All 3 default weather patterns enabled
  • Earthquakes disabled
  • Mission.sqm arranged for easier editing of items without too much work
    • Similar/Related items have been grouped together
  • initServer.sqf/iniPlayerLocal.sqf have been configured to make changes easier
    • Each trader location's objects and simple objects are sectioned and labeled
    • Each trader location's NPCs are sectioned and labeled
  • exile_server_config.pbo included with JBAD and FFAA loot positions
    • Loot positions for Arma buildings and more are also included
  • DMS Files
    • Map Config included for use with DMS
    • Occupation static mission with Lythium locations
  • Loot Table Fix for 1.0.3b - 1.0.3e

Does not include:

  • Roulette


This is just a test-run of the map to see how everything goes, traders and such might get updated in the future depending on player interest. Enjoy the new map!

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